Retroism~visiting old, learn new~


 The Showa era is now a distant memory. As the Heisei Era gives way to the Showa Era , the Showa Era is becoming more and more distant from our memories, and as IT technology continues to evolve, people are becoming less and less connected to each other, as exemplified by the Internet society. It is precisely because we live in such an era that we wish to preserve the good culture, lifestyle, and scenery of the Showa era for future generations. Analog records, retro coffee shops, Showa-era songs, old-fashioned public bathhouses, etc. We would like to transmit information about the culture, lifestyle, things, and scenery of the Showa period (including the early Heisei period), which evokes the warmth of the people, to the next generation.

 Times are constantly changing. On the other hand, there are some things that remain unchanged. This is because today’s life is based on the wisdom and technology accumulated by our predecessors. This is especially true of the Japanese temperament of the Showa period and products born after World War II. For example, communities in the days before the Internet and smartphones, and people who love to repair old cars and audio equipment. Recently, the term SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) has been spreading around. With this concept in mind, we hope to learn from our Showa-era predecessors and the good old ways of life and provide hints for living in Reiwa Era!