Relax in the warmth and exquisite delicacies of the old-fashioned shopping street

Column No.16 (Special Edition)


 Waves of people in everyday clothes never cease to flow.

 You can see their daily lives from their appearance. Welcome, welcome! The loud voice of a shopkeeper or a grocer is a reminder that the people are here. The loud voices from fishmongers and greengrocers are heard. What you don’t find in large supermarkets or shopping malls, but in the shopping streets of the city, is this liveliness and casual conversation.

 Today, we have a good batch of sardines. Do you recommend boiling it or grilling it? The customer asks, “Do you want it boiled or grilled? The customer replied, “It has a lot of fat, so it’s better grilled. I’ll have one of those, then. Can you take off the entrails? The customer replied, “Yes. Yes. Wait a minute. Within two minutes, the fish came out quickly wrapped in sutra wood. The standard jokes were also made, such as, “Yes, 3,500,000 yen.

 It’s not just about the ingredients. Rumors about the neighborhood also flourish. I heard that the grandfather of Mr. Takagi’s family, who was hospitalized, has recovered and is now out of the hospital. I heard he’s even better than he was before he got sick. I’m so glad to hear that. While we were talking like that, Mr. Takagi walked by. He said, “Hey, Mr. Takagi. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. I thought you were dead. The harsh jokes are part of the charm of the old-fashioned shopping street. I’m sorry you’re still alive. But I’m fine now. I’ve already started my business. Smiling, he left.

In summer, you can see shaved ice banners
of shaved ice.They  are cool and refreshing
=in the Sunamachi Ginza shopping arcade. 



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