A retro coffee shop where smiles bloom and Hama heals.

Model (Ishikawamachi, Yokohama)


 Standing in front of the entrance door, I suddenly feel nostalgic. It is as if I am reunited with an old friend after more than 30 years, and I am filled with a sense of contentment even before entering the store.

           The cash register is a star with many numbers, which
 has been there since the store’sestablishment.
 It’s old, but it doesn’t break down,” says Shirai. 

 Things change over time. There are people who are afraid to change things and make an effort not to change them. There are some people who try their best not to change things, but they should not. There are good things that do not change. However, here at the coffee shop “model,” there were circumstances that could not be changed even if they wanted to. The partitions that divide the seats are made of bricks one by one. That is why the interior has not changed since the store opened 46 years ago. If they wanted to change it, they would have to tear the restaurant down.

The soft light that fills the entire restaurant makes you feel relaxed from the bottom of your heart. The time that passes by is also relaxing.



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