Nostalgic but new Chichibu pioneer

Parlor Koizumi (Chichibu, Saitama)


  People in Chichibu were astonished. The year was 1967. In this area famous for its many shrines and temples, and for its many tourist spots, a store was opened that looked just like a Parisian patisserie. The name of the shop is “Parlor Koizumi.

Parlor Koizumi is located on Banba Street, which runs in front of Chichibu Shrine. The gorgeous exterior is reminiscent of coffee shops that once existed in Ueno and Ginza.

  The owner, Takeshi Koizumi, trained in Tokyo before returning to his hometown to open the store. He named the store “Parlor. Of course, it was the first of its kind in Chichibu. He wanted local people to enjoy good coffee, spaghetti, and parfaits. For that reason, the name “parlor” seemed the most appropriate to me.

The beauty of the rose cups, as well as the Tabasco and Parmesan cheese that are naturally arranged underneath them, is strangely satisfying!



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